Fauci Leaks Testimony to NYT



Dr. Anthony Fauci has a simple message for the states to be delivered during his Tuesday testimony before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee: Moving to reopen states too quickly could risk a deadly resurgence of the outbreak.


5 thoughts on “Fauci Leaks Testimony to NYT”

  1. “Not Asking Questions About World’s Biggest Crisis, Doesn’t Make Sense” by George Webb on TheirTube

    Webb has tracked the drug/weapon international rat lines for years, it is a UN/DOD/NATO crime syndicate, and Fauci is playing the bioweapon Mengele mini me.


  2. Nancy Morgan Hart, I want to say that apparently I am one of 12,000 people viewing the Live CDC broadcast in the world.

    12,000 people in the world of 8 Billion.
    330 million US citizens.
    What a joke!!

    And without you bring this to my attention I would have been part of the joke.

    I don’t always agree with you… but for absolutely certainty you are one of only a few people on this planet I truly Trust in News!

    Thank you! I fuckin means, too! Thank you!!!


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