One thought on “The Enforcers”

  1. LetsRevolt4Freedom

    People, create:

    DanielHall4Freedom. ws


    Yours, DanielHall4Freedom. ws

    We must beat China to deep space, the moon, Mars, Europa, Titan, the asteroid belt….. et al.

    WS = Disruptive Technologies
    We own for ourselves.

    This can be shared.

    WS = Wholesome Society

    We can solve many problems in the world by doing this.

    Money, Income, Wealth.
    That is what crosses the divide.

    Better than Patreon for you and growing number of viewers…

    A website company that has very low monthly fee that at the same time pays their customers monthly commissions as the customers invite a few others to open an account with the company.

    The company provides each of their customers with invite Sites tracked for monthly billing (so low) and monthly commission payments to each of their customers via the username of each customer.

    What I’m proposing as to goals that can be achieved are:

    1. Higher level Patreon support to video producers.

    2. We all become EV owners. (Tesla recommended.)

    3. Ability to be able to invest in Tesla stock and other great stocks more and more.

    4. Ability to invest strongly in SpaceX when it offers IPO.

    5. Ability for ourselves or our children to be able to get involved with and/or actually move to the Moon, Mars and beyond.

    Our username and domain name Naming Pattern should be:

    YourName4Freedom. ws

    WS (not. com) meaning awesome stuff like:

    Warp Speed
    Wise Solution
    We Stargazers
    We Spacefarers
    Wholesome Society
    Wholesome Stardust

    4Freedom in that our networking like this we’ll be able to be free to become a multi planetary species.

    Simple texting phrase we use is:

    I’ve got my name 4Freedom. DanielHall4Freedom. ws

    Go there and open an account with your username and .ws domain name as People4Freedom

    HIGH FIVE our motto.

    The sites the company gives us to invite others is initially linked to our domain names to continually process our accounts.

    DanielHall4Freedom. ws


    YourName4Freedom. ws

    https://twitter. com/DanHall4Freedom

    Yours from my natural free place LakeComoNaturally. com


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