Do They Fear a Disturbance in the Force?


In 2017, President Donald Trump signed an executive order clearing the way for local police departments in the U.S. to receive military-grade gear such as grenade launchers, high calibre weapons, and armored vehicles. Trump and the DOJ reversed former President Obama’s restrictions.

2 thoughts on “Do They Fear a Disturbance in the Force?”

  1. “Outcomes of Hyrdocholoroquine Usage in United States Veterans Hospitalized with Covid-19”

    When PDJT said HCQ had been proven successful in stopping WuFlu, the Fauci cabal funded a NIH “study” at University of Virginia. They took 368 very I’ll VA patients, split them into four groups, gave substandard care, and killed up to 27.8% of our “thank you for your service” lab rats. Results published April 16, 2020 >

    (maybe Veterans and their families are disappointed in the VA)


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