8 thoughts on “Alan Dershowitz’s Outrageous Public Statement”

  1. “Virginia Roberts Affidavit” ~ a teen diary of Randy Prince Andy and DirtBag0witz at Jeffrey’s Kiddie Whorehouse of Horrors (for reference)

    Six states had NO lockdown, but after sixty days of confinement, fascist governor KAREN Abbott will only allow Texas nightclubs to have 25% occupancy, and six foot nazi distancing. No two step, no polka, no west coast swing, no waltz, no jitterbug, no salsa, no tango, no rumba, no cha cha, and NO SENIOR PROM for you 2020 grads. Welcome to your gulag future little people.


  2. Today I wandered into the donate area.

    Is there a way to know if the vaccine that goes into my veins potentially is the same vaccine that goes into Fauci’s?

    Can I maintain my life of isolation in the mountains and be vaccinated after the eager souls prove over a long period of time that the vaccination is safe? How long a time is that, I wonder?


  3. So….speaking as one who will NEVER allow them to vaccinate me, I question his logic. Clearly, those who fear getting the flu will take the vaccination, so they have no worries, right? And I, who will not be vaccinated will take my chances mixing with those not vaccinated and the vaccinated. I’ve done this all my life, and so far have never had any flu. I don’t wear a mask now, and go about my life as normally as I can, including having like minded friends over. So far we’re all healthy. Mandating vaccines MUST therefore, be for some other reason (such as inserting nano particles that will hasten your demise – especially with 5G on the way, IMHO).


  4. Major general Stubblebine, U.S. Army Retired (now deceased) stated from his deathbed, “No federal agency has the right to override your right to informed consent, period.”
    International & U.S. LAW protect your right to informed consent. As the Supreme Court said in Missouri vs. McNeely in 2014, “You have an interest in preventing a government agent from piercing the skin. This court has NEVER RETREATED FROM ITS RECOGNITION that any compelled intrusion into the human body implicates significant constitutionally protected interests.’ per Ralph D. Santola JD Legal Director of Natural Solutions Foundation.

    YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ALL VACCINES IF YOU ASSERT THAT RIGHT PROPERLY. Correctly worded Advance Vaccine Directive Cards are available through the Natural Solutions Foundation


  5. Sic semper tyrannis
    Mr Dershowitz, a sincere man but not an American, is oh so sincerely wrong.
    We are older and wiser and armed to the teeth, we are the majority of the military, we do not obey the orders of tyrants and the direct correlation between taxation, pernicious despotism and the likelihood of revolt is not lost on us.
    You absolutely have the right to do just whatever you please as long as you bring no harm to anyone else or their property. The law states that ONLY a doctor may quarantine anyone and only after a proper diagnosis.
    There is no law that grants anyone, including the governor of a State to impose edicts of any kind at all whatsoever, including lock down and stay at home orders.
    A very stupid “man” to say the least. Real men neither need nor allow anyone to tell them what to do. And that is the real meaning of “land of the free and home of the brave.” The milquetoast class envisions a nation of obedient drones working for the benefit of elite parasites…which is a world that does not exist in reality.


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