Attorney General Barr: “We’re Getting Deeply into the Situation”


Attorney General William Barr said on Monday that he does not expect U.S. Attorney John Durham’s probe into the origins of the FBI’s Russia investigation will result in criminal investigations into former President Barrack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden.

One thought on “Attorney General Barr: “We’re Getting Deeply into the Situation””

  1. Both sets of Billy Barr grandparents immigrated from Ukraine to a NYC ghetto around 1900. Amazingly, all nine of their children graduated from Columbia University. Billy’s daddy Donald Barr was in the OSS, during WW Two (CIA afterward?) and was key figure in the rise of Jeffrey Epstein (mossad?). The bagpipe schick is a Scottish throw, for a born and bred swamp rat. Barr can’t investigate much, without uncovering his own corruption.

    H/T on genealogy to George Webb associate, Housatonic Live

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