Did President Trump Slip-Up and Tell Too Much Truth?

On May 18, 2020, President Trump held a round-table with restaurant executives at the White House.

The President took questions from the press. A reporter asked President Trump for his reaction to former President Obama’s statements criticizing Trump’s handling of the outbreak over the weekend.


7 thoughts on “Did President Trump Slip-Up and Tell Too Much Truth?”

  1. I think the President was saying that China did this to us. But don’t you wonder if it was actually Israel?


  2. Nancy he was talking about the economy fall is artificial. In other words the economy and high unemployment is not because of a bad economy but caused by the pandemic…therefore it is an artificial event. (Bad Economy)

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  3. Spread the alarm, through every Middlesex village and farm….THE WHI/E COATS ARE COMING

    Mon, May 18 > feckless fascist KAREN ABBOTT said “MORE lockdown for Texas”

    Tue, May 19 > Gulag AG Paxton said, “no normal until vaccine”

    Wed, May 20 > Abbott awards $295 million to MTX for Contact Tracing >
    RFP was open a few days, MTX a startup with NO experience

    Oath Keeper rally in Austin, May 23 @ 11:30 > hundreds can be ignored, thousands will force change > DEMAND END OF SOFT FASCISM, or hard fascism will follow


  4. No question this was an “artificial event”. But it wasn’t primarily a bio-attack. It was an ECONOMIC attack. Remember what Stalin said about a few deaths (a tragedy) vs. MASS death (a statistic). The panic induced (yeah, I mean INDUCED) with the “outbreak” – was the “crisis” that they wouldn’t let go to waste. It was also a test to see how well-prepared the country was – with their campaign to deliberately “dumb us down”, their use of neurotoxins in the environment and their “Common Core” (another Bill Gates creation…) plus their control of the “Ministry of Truth” (MSM). The purpose of this test? To see if the “Sheeple of Amerika” (Payday Monsanto) were ready for the slaughter. Roy says to not take on the govt., but they sure as HELL are taking us on. Look what they did to the FBI (per Hillary’s vow to destroy the FBI…), our DOJ, etc. They’ve infiltrated and hijacked all our institutions – so they could use them to make war on us – covertly. Well, it isn’t covert to those whose eyes are open, is it?

    Frederick P Blume Jr

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  5. The meaning of artificial event was him saying that the crash of the economy was an artificial event and not like any other economy crashes. No one did anything wrong that caused the economy to crash. Nothing the economists did cause it. He was not saying the virus was an artificial event.

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