7 thoughts on ““Former” Spook Goes Full-Q”

  1. Trump will win all 50 states and nearly 100% of the electoral college.
    Election fraud has always been the cornerstone of the Democrat party…had the founders based the electoral college on equal geographical area, one elector per county, no Democrat would ever have been elected President.
    Imagine US history sans the Democrat party and its predecessor the Democratic-Republican party.
    No slavery
    No secession
    No civil war
    No income tax or IRS
    No World wars 1 and 2
    No assimilation of the Communist party
    No Korean or Vietnam wars
    No government involvement in private industry (especially health insurance)
    No return of the Panama Canal (which we built)
    No return of Taiwan
    No pulling out of the Bay of Pigs and Communist tyranny in Cuba
    No betrayal of the Shah of Iran and the subsequent malaise in the Middle east
    No NAFTA (and the “giant jobs sucking sound’)
    No (two) Iraq wars
    No Afghanistan war
    No gargantuan piles of cash given to Iran (which you worked hard for and which was taken from you by a sniggering little crackhead)
    No attempt to frame the duly elected sitting president…

    The list goes on but we don’t know everything…criminals don’t always get caught.

    As to the role up your sleevers and the use of the military on US soil…the Democrats might be in for a rude awakening regarding how trump uses that absolute power…it certainly could be used to put an end to over 200 years of shameful criminality.


    1. The voice of this channel is so far behind the curve that she sounds like a lib-tard Demoncrat when it comes to
      Q and recent DOJ Statements . Because I believe that she is a Patriot so I will go easy on her.
      The Trump strategy is to let the DS have enough rope to hang themselves with no chance of escape. He has to drain the swamp of the low level operators before he can eliminate the king pins and that means a long and arduous game of cat and mouse mostly with the deep cover moles in the Justice Dept who are the stumbling block to bringing these Parasites to Justice. Apparently you patience is worn through but as Q has said over and over Trust the Plan and one day you will have to eat your critical words about all the Trump Patriot Team. Hopefully you will do that with a happy heart. Wait for it Lady that day will come like a thief in the night. Mean while best not to sound like a Deep State Shill. People will not forget your error Capeche’ “Q”uuuaaaahh..!!


  2. NOTHING but LOVE for you, Sugar! I know you sometimes listen to other YouTube channels. Here’s one that’s pretty SPOT-ON: “Rule of Law is DEAD” from the Black Pilled Channel


  3. Yes. Thanks for calling out this fraud. He jumped onto alt media and was caught in many misinfo/disinfo.
    I’m picking in my mouth too.
    Would love real honor and Integrity. Maybe IMPECCABBILITY.


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