7 thoughts on “Entire U.S. was Shut-Down Based on a Garbage-Model”

    1. Was Trump threatened? He seems to have been added to the stupid list and cannot make a decision without his daughter or son in law. Is he friends with the antichrist?


  1. Oh! Pick me!
    I know the answer to this question:

    ***************** Complicit*****************

    com·plic·it – /kəmˈplisit/ – adjective:
    involved with others in an illegal activity or wrongdoing.


  2. Glad to hear you confirm and state the truth that all good truth researchers already know and to hear you say it in firm, confident words that utter the necessary condemnation as if from all of us to those in the halls of power, particularly those who might be able to get rid of Fauci and Brix in particular and punish them for crimes — if we truly lived in a world of rule of law and not rule by the ruling class. This was an important video, almost as great as your recent video about the former CIA spook and all that Bee-Ess.


  3. NM,
    Great commentary but the time for dialogue is here now. I would like to hear discussions between you and:
    Dave of X22
    Amazing Polly
    Sean of SGT Report
    PIR Patriot Intel Report
    The Patriot Hour
    Perhaps you could have a weekly round table the same way as the Phil Bill and Will chats.
    Your perspective is wonderful and I personally would like to see more action as in arrests, reset, etc., but solo voices are not going to get us where we need to go, we need consensus. For example a discussion of whether we need to set a date certain by which if we don’t see the criminals in jail, vigilance is activated (NOT the paying-attention kind).


    1. I have no interest, time or patience for discussions with individuals that have been pushing the Q bullshit, some of them for years.
      Although some of the creators you mentioned, have recently distanced themselves from the Q-psyop, the majority continue leading their viewers astray.
      Never interpret my patience or sex for gullibility. If you think slinging some compliments my way, will turn my head enough to override my instinct, you’re barking up the wrong tree. What kind of an idiot do you think I am, you jack-ass?! Your sophomoric attempt to try to draw me into a discussion on setting a date to execute some form of vigilantism on who you refer to as the “criminals”, is pathetic and obvious.
      Maybe the channels you mentioned in your comment will fall for your bull-shit.
      Stay away from me. Do not contact me again.

      In short, go fuck yourself.


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