One thought on “Updates on Reopening: The D’s”

  1. If people continue to OBEY OBEY OBEY, they are writing their own death certificate.
    This is a total B.S. SCAMDEMIC to remove every liberty you could ever enjoy and has ZIP to do with an illness.
    Other than the regular season flu, which kills over 300,000 per year in the U.S. – CV is a phoney cartoon picture – promoted on MSM TV and Radio to put FEAR into the masses. Wait until the 2nd wave hits, you know, that crystal ball they are looking at and trying to scare folks even more. This is only a dress rehearsal, a test basically, to see just how far they can push people into believing this and following their orders. You won’t be so lucky next time folks as they are paying close attention to how we react, and sadly everyone I see is a mask wearing frightened sheep following orders.
    Also I can say with confidence that the 2nd wave will involve children in the schools. It won’t be from a CV illness but will be blamed on it.
    WAKE UP !


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