Rinse – Spread Rumors – Cash-In – Repeat

Remember when the stock-market soared for several days in April on the Facui-touted Remdesivir-study? According to various unofficial sources, it was a smashing success.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission/Moderna, Inc.

New England Journal of Medicine

One thought on “Rinse – Spread Rumors – Cash-In – Repeat”

  1. Did the Supreme Court recently render a ruling on this issue?
    Big Pharma, Bill Gates & Fauci just LOST a MASSIVE Supreme Court case. Plaintiffs demanded documentation proving that vaccines had been tested for quality, safety and/or effectiveness any time in the past 32 years. Defendants (Gates, etc.) were unable to provide a single document, validating the safety or quality or effectiveness of vaccines. This is a huge legal & practical victory for the American people who’ve been deceived by the U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services & ALL VACCINE MAKERS who have been lying about the effectiveness & safety of vaccines for the last 30 years! This may ultimately place the continuing existence (at least in their current form) of the CDC, FDA, NIH, & DHHS in serious jeopardy. Gates &. Soros are currently being sued for their role in the deception that has left millions injured, infertile & dead. An arrest warrant has been issued in Italy for Gates for Crimes Against Humanity. Ditto in India.


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