“Something Evil this Way Comes”

There are countless so-called conservative commentators and political analysts yapping-up a storm on social media and cable T.V. In the era of President Trump, in my experience, without exception, not a single one of them, has the integrity, character, courage and wisdom to speak the truth.

Mark Pantano’s Declaring Liberty Podcast

4 thoughts on ““Something Evil this Way Comes””

  1. NMH, I did as you asked and sub’d to “Mark Pantano”. I listened as closely as I listen to you and I agree with nearly all of what the man has to say. However if I had to choose btwn the pair of you I’d stay here. I operate 4 AM/FM stations btwn AZ & IL. where every afternoon I asked my audience to recognize Trump for what He is, a speed bump. Whether the man intended by design to be such an obstacle to the DS is debatable but what is not is once He recognized what he was doing He pressed full court trying, I believe, to wake “We The People” up so we might fight for ourselves.
    To suggest Trump is nothing more than a “speed bump” as you and others seem to do isn’t entirely fair. From the advantage point of a small business man operating in several States (who btw never wore a mask nor closed a door) I live with the multitude of honest blessing this administration has afforded American businesses One of which is this most vital point; never again should America surrender the WH to a career politician. We cannot afford to do so. I sincerely appreciate all your work and talents even the part & times when you hold Orange Man’s feet to the furnace. But do ask that you take time to recognize He’s our speed bump not our George Washington. Nor Jackson. Nor Reagan. And if We lose this war for liberty it won’t be his fault. W/ Respect, I thank you for listening


  2. Seriously, you are recommending this guy? Why not Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, Rachel Maddow, Neil Cavuto, and Lawrence O’donnell?


  3. NMH: congratulations on what appears to be your recent irradiation of any vain hopes (not to be confused with Hope which is a true intellectual virtu rooted in real facts under the review of genuine First Principles) in relation to our current President. Real change is the rarest of things and this man is what he always and transparently was—an utterly egocentric man who lives in a bubble of his own imaginings and who never listened to anyone who didn’t affirm those silly imaginings!
    So I have been frustrated because sprinkled between some very fine articulation of his gross stupid and unnecessary betrayals of the People, you have (inexplicably)* held out hope for this moron! That I hope is now over and I applaud you for ending your latest commentaries with his quote about Red Flag Laws: get the guns first and work out the legal issues later!” Please keep using this! After all, Truth is categorical (always an either/or) and one cannot say a thing like this and remain an advocate for that Amendment that puts teeth in all the rest! So, Truth being self evident and categorical if a man looks like, smells like, and associates with creatures from the “deep” swamp that man is a swamp creature and a deep stater and it is naive to hole out hope for him!
    That said, all seven pillars of the Republic are down and replaced by filthy monsters who both Left and Right use the central pillar af the Constitution against the People together with the other six institutions: the three parts of government—no longer separate—the fraud we call American education, the press enslaved and inwardly bound to greed and power, and the churches which sit on a huge compendium of Natural Law which they neither understand nor teach!
    So, to hell with them all, filthy liars to a man (and woman), and I applaud you for putting it all in its harshest and truest (hopeless) light.
    PS The friend that you recently recommend with such high praise is as yet a Partisan (the part masquerading as the whole) and perhaps it is your own leanings that prevent you from seeing this. So, I would recommend caution here. The Truth stands at the apex above both Left and Right. The human mind is bicameral and operates with relative comparisons (left/right, up/down, male and female, etc.) but while using them it must stand above them as does Natural Law itself! So, we must both understand this and be ever vigilant that we don’t lose the natural objectivity of the higher mind and collapse into either Left or Right. After all, as the ancient wisdom traditions have it, “the Superior Man is not a partisan.”
    So remain indignant but take that higher ground from which you can speak to and for all. Or as I once put it in the last line of a sonnet: “What is such light that does not beckon all?”
    Good luck! JWC


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