5 thoughts on “Heads-Up: United Nations Demands Immediate Action from the U.S.”

  1. Question: is this the same woman who released without comment the news that the U.S. Air Force was flying a spy drone over Minneapolis?
    That was earily clear and needed no comment.
    This just muddies the waters. Sidestepping the Principle “Physician! Heal thyself,” do you want to confuse the untutored masses into thinking that there is even one country (or organization) on earth which is more of a danger to us than we are to ourselves?
    My advice: if you are truly serious you will keep your focus on our true enemy—the burgeoning Authoritarian State that has taken over the American Republic? Following the above mentioned Principle, we need to heal ourselves—and I think you know that. JWC


    1. “Following the above mentioned Principle, we need to heal ourselves—and I think you know that.”

      If you mean we need to excise from the American Republic (the one made up of useful, productive and moral people) the tumor of psychopaths who are following a well-known agenda that has infected the world from the beginning: the plan of an elite to tyrannize peaceful and benign people, then I agree with you.

      Otherwise, your comment is too vague to be of any useful guidance whatsoever.


      1. Note: the “useful, productive, and moral people” you speak of are products of the amerikan skool sistem and are operating out of a simple self interest or from that coupled with a natural sense for Natural Law (ie., self evident truths) which the schools weren’t able to drum out of them. But they are not operating out of any deep knowledge of the meaning of the Declaration and the Constitution because their constituting Principles are simply not a part of the official curriculum! Nor, sadly, do they have any sense of the deeper issues and the significance of the American Revolution for world history and the people of the world—and therefore they have no deep sense of what we are losing and, to be completely honest, what we have in my view already lost—though obviously I keep writing and speaking as if there is Hope. Insofar I have not abandoned good faith. JWC


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