Now Would Be a Good Time to Address the Nation

Another night of chaos swept across dozens of major U.S. cities on Saturday night, May 30, 2020. We saw violent clashes between protesters and police, and the torching of police vehicles, government buildings and businesses.

3 thoughts on “Now Would Be a Good Time to Address the Nation”

  1. Nancy …You know I agree with you most of the time. However as much as he loves to tweet and get under peoples skin , He has better things to do now, and I think you should do as much as he does. Your country is at stake, are you going to follow in Nero’s footsteps?


  2. Unless I misunderstand you I don’t think that is her problem. She knows, as the language of her recent outrage is beginning to demonstrate, that the whole thing Left and Right, hidden and manifest, is a cauldron full of maggots, and that ROME MUST BURN if anything at all is going to change! And we are our own worst enemy! Her problem then is to think and speak in a way that is consistent with that realization and not get offended or worried in the least because some other country like Mexico, or some international organization like the UN constitute a danger to us! Nor does her reporting on the protests and rioting demonstrate a steady commitment to what she seems to have realized, namely that Rome must burn! In her language she seems to hesitate, be hesitant to say that protesters, any protesters, are welcome and to be encouraged!
    She is a voice, but in order to be effective that voice must be consistent and she must not ever shy away from the categorical language and categorical thinking that Acquaintance with First Principles demands!
    But I am not sure that both you and Nancy aren’t in fact worried about Rome burning. We are surrounded by hundreds of Nero’s, and either they are listening or they are not. And if they are not, and there is no indication that they have any intention to listen in good faith, then in the name of the true Republic Rome must burn!
    It’s an either/or and at this point there is no grey cushion where politics as usual will work. Rome must burn and all are welcome because all are needed. Therefore special praise must be given to those who we (along with the corporate media, shame of shames) love to pick at and pick on: the Bundys, the Black (ie., all) Lives Matter People, the Occupy Wall Street protesters, and now the protesters (Black, White, Red, Yellow, and Green) who are protesting the systematic abuses of authority that is amerikan policing!
    The Powers that Be are not listening and it looks to me like these rioters are the true visionaries of our time and the wisest among all of us including that brood of condescending morons the public goes to for advice! Rome must burn! Why? Because the Reoublic is already dead and we are not talking so much about a revolution as about s Resurrection! It is from the ashes that the Phoenix arises renewed! This is an ancient and a profound image but politicians have no acquaintance with anything profound! They only know the contents of their own calculative little pea brains! And, like all felons they should lose their right to vote, or worse! Rome must burn!


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