Coup Gone Hot

Hillary Clinton’s idol and subject of her 1969 senior thesis while attending Wellesley College, Saul Alinsky, once said, “The issue is never the issue. The issue is always revolution.”

Higgins’ 2017 Memo

Appropriate Insurgency Attire

6 thoughts on “Coup Gone Hot”

  1. Hi Nancy…Thank you for your hard work. I just realized something and wanted to let you know. On the Appropriate Insurgency Attire memo from Channel Zero Network, the second bulleted suggestion states that everyone needs to know their buddies real name. I just thought, that if a person is picked up, they will probably beat the crap out off you for those real names. By getting real names, the po-po can put more people in jail because they can go to your buddies house, terrorize your buddies family, etc…If people DONT know each other, the po-po cant go pick up up your buddy or terrorize his or her family. I just think it would be much better to remain anon. What do you think? harold


  2. Nancy: On one day you, with a fine use of strong categorical language you clarify for your listeners the corruption (I would say total) of both Left and Right—which oddly are always in agreement on three issues: 1) war and the feeding of the Military Industrial Complex, 2) taxes, and 3) the need to raise their salaries and benefits—and you have of late seemingly realized that our current President is beyond redemption.
    All of that is good. But today and in some other posts you hedge and seem to lose courage. Or perhaps you lose objectivity with yourself and allow old prejudices against certain groups such as Leftists and Zcommunists, to cloud your mind. For me, an old mind familiar with the laws of Reason, you look in this essay to be speaking out of both sides of your mouth. You criticize Trump which you should along with Rubio. But to criticize Rubio for saying what you have said yourself about the profoundly insincere do-nothing Republicans seems to leap from deep biting criticisms of the whole damn thing to the voice of someone wearing the partisan blinders that would pretend that humanly speaking we are not bi-focal and would pretend that the part is the whole!
    This is a thing that I cannot understand given the fine categorical statements that you seem now to be using with more regularly.
    We are talking about burning buildings and rioting, but your analysis seems to be rooted in the belief—admittedly difficult to let go of—that the American Republic is still alive and has a concrete as opposed to an imaginary existence!
    With the Constitution and its Preface the Declaration at its center—documents that need human consent and action to have real existence—the American Republic has 7 pillars: the three parts of government, no longer separate, and those public institutions of the schools, a “free” press, and the churches. But today each and every one of those pillars is down and the proof of it being that each of them without exception is turned against the people in support of our burgeoning Authoritarian State! (“We can’t go against the law, Dorothy!”).
    But your arguments the last couple of days would suggest that there is hope for some solution from “politics as usual” which includes, I think unnecessarily, an affirmation of parties AND indeed of one party over another!
    But Hope is an intellectual virtue, as well as a transcendental one, and insofar must base itself upon real history and real facts/data which—since the assassination of President Kennedy, and even before—“evinces a design to reduce (us) under absolute Despotism, (and therefore) it is their right, it is their duty to throw off such government, and to provide new (or in this case old) guards for their future security.”
    And those forces, essentially unregenerate authoritarian Federalist, have violated any claim to a natural authority over us and must be set aside because, as happened with the Founders, every sincere attempt to seek redress of grievance has been used by our government to delay any concrete action on the part of the citizens so that our burgeoning Authoritarian Government could deepen its entrenchments and further secure its defenses—against the People!
    When I capitalize “People” I am speaking idealistically since being products of our schools (my intimate home ground), no such “People” exist any more than the American Republic exists! The Republic is dead, and we have only the name which is preserved so that these moronic monsters can use it as a kind of curtain behind which the thing can be dismantled to the point of being irredeemable!
    And there’s the key word! We are not talking about a revolution here but about a resurrection! The Republic is dead and the Rome that has been built behind its name and its ideals must be burned! At this point there is no other way.
    So, in conclusion let’s look at just who among our neighbors who have actually put their shoes to the pavement and who have been treated the worst! Along with a couple of dozen heroic whistleblowers, there are the Occupy Wall Streeters, the Bundys, the Black (ie., all) Lives Matter people, and the current protesters of our current and vomitous culture of police abuses!
    And so, the final and critical point is that these people are not pawns, but our neighbors and are, apparently, the only ones who actually see that politics-as-usual cannot save the Republic! A truly remarkable thing in my book! With all of our schooling and all of our sophistication, they are way ahead of the rest of us! And (and!) we had better make sure that we do not ever by word or deed reflect the attack upon these people that has been made by our government and those dark sophists in the (utterly unfree) media!
    They see the truth and are awake! And by comparison all the rest of us are somnambulant sheep!
    Remember that until Dorothy helped him to get his feet on the ground (road) the Scarecrow could make only inappropriate jokes—a thing typical of “smart” (ass) people!
    Similarly intellectuals need to remember that minds need feet! So, guide if you can, but never never never diminish what these neighbors and patriots with their feet on the ground are doing! And never never forget that the very First Amendment gives us the right (Liberty) to commit ourselves to the pursuit of Happiness according to OUR OWN LIGHT and no neighbor can tell me where to lay down my life or for what Principle!
    Guide them if you can and praise them—or shut up! We already have enough Tories among us! Rome must burn because Rome is already dead. Confucius called this “the rectification of names!” Or, in different language: If it violates the blueprint it is not the thing, but is both an adulteration and an abomination! We have allegiance only to the Blueprint which, as the Founders along with Plato knew, was “a pattern laid up in Heaven.” (Republic, Book IX). “And we will live in no other city!”
    Nancy: This is my attempt to help in the hope that you will find “the one thing needful.”
    An old monkish fellow living in the mountains, JWC


    1. I haven’t responded to your previous comments, because I assumed you would catch-on.
      It’s clear, from the comment above, that you’re either out of your fucking mind or worse.
      I’ll spell it out in plain English, so there’ll be no excuses for continued confusion on your part.
      Over many decades, Marxists have infiltrated every level of this country’s local, state and federal government.
      They have co-opted the Black Lives Matter movement (a questionable organization at best and fully funded by a network of George Soros’ NGO’s) as a shield to hide behind in order to destroy the fabric of our society, by looting, perpetrating mayhem and destroying public and private property.
      Are we clear, Professor?
      If you continue preaching your New Age bullshit, I’ll block you from my site.


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      1. Is Kushner in such a category?ordoes Trump speak with a fork tongue? My kids are very frightened as the proresters come into the neighborhood and then followed by the terrorists that are set to destroy goods and people .Accordingv to what I read and heard Kushner talked Trump into releasing the criminals, some very hard core, from the jails. These are the terrorist that everyone is frightened. They follow the marchers and are the criminals released by Kushner. It is enough that it makes Trump look as if he wants to destroy America and Americans. Makes him look very Satanic.


  3. All I can say is you are Spot on in your reply to me. clark. What a total jackass. If he’s a Professor, No WONDER THESE YOUNGSTERS STE SO F’D UP. These LibTard teachers (and I use the term loosely need to be rounded up and re-educated. Anyone with half a brain elk can see that these riots are NOT GRASSROOT, Community Protestors. It’s the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH . the Real Patriots need to stand together. Soros et al , needs to be Arrested and tried for sedition ,treason and crimes against humanity. Along with All the LARPS getting money to riot. Takes away from real issues, justified issues. But now I’m not so sure that Mr Floyd is Real or even Dead. Thank You for your vids. I like your take on things. WWG1WGA


  4. Nancy,
    I have always been in favor of Action Now.
    I am afraid that removing bad actors is inadequate in that they will be replaced with more of the same…the cancer must be rooted out. In this case the cancer is anti-Constitutional. It is a group of “tribalists”, a group that believe that if they are in the apparent majority they can take the wealth of the rest. They harness government to do thievery which they rename as forced charity. My first assertion is a house divided against itself cannot stand, it must become all one thing or all the other. Thus there is only a choice between tyranny and liberty, Marxism and capitalism, morality or immorality. We are dealing with a cult of persons who have no respect for others’ property or lives. This cult has been cultivated by monetary reward over many decades and has command of MSM and the universities and certain oligarchs. My second assertion is that free speech has limits, such as not being able to yell fire in a crowded theater when there is no fire. I contend that the advocation of Marxism/tribalism/Socialism/Progressivism/whatever is advocating the downfall of the idea Of America, the undermining and rebellion against, sedition against, the Constitution and the rights it was intended to secure.
    Are you willing to say advocating Socialism is in itself behavior that should be criminalized, that is, penalized to the point where the behavior stops. We are dealing with people who as children were never spanked and despite looking old are still children and disdain the golden rule and any associated morality. They use morality as a weapon, not as anything they personally believe in, to virtue-signal and thus manipulate others.
    I say we can never conquer Socialism unless we are willing to say that those who advocate it are NOT innocent and that we cannot any longer tolerate, we cannot coexist with, their cult.
    I reference the Philosophy of Liberty (on and the Crockett (long) tome on Charity (
    This is a domestic War of great scale and it is a dangerous war. We must not face this magnanimously and assume that we can make amends. The perpetrators must suffer capital punishment.


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