One thought on “$100 Billion Contact-Tracing Deal Negotiated in August 2019”

  1. Two videos should be played. 1.) George Soros explaining how much the boarding of the Jews onto trains going to the German Concentration camps, while removing any valuables and separating families, as “the most rewarding time of my life”. Said as a late 70 year old man, it can be found on media interview.

    Dear Lefties, you are being played, as Mr Soros is a National Socialist, the group who were responsible for the killing of the the lefties in 1930’s Germany, so be prepared and find a good spot for your RIP, because Georgie boy as only one motivation, back to the good ole days!

    2.) Dr Fauci saying that “the vaccine was already prepared before pandemic was in play“. Also available on a media interview, but this kinda slipped out at the beginning of the interview before he really got his groove on.

    Oh, and check out the AIDS program with Inferon, also connected to the Dear Doctor as well as many other interesting items, also available on your beloved media!


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