Sleeping & Snacking in Congressman’s Office

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is apologizing after eight Chicago police officers were caught on security camera lounging in a Congressman’s office, making coffee and snacking on popcorn, while nearby neighborhoods were looted.

3 thoughts on “Sleeping & Snacking in Congressman’s Office”

  1. Your organization should be careful with everything that you post to You Tube and promote as if it is undeniable reality. As you know perfectly well, those video clips can easily be photo shopped (you might have possibly even done the photo shopping yourselves, I think).

    This could be a group of officers who were invited into the seemingly communist congressman bobby rush’s office at a different time for a different reason, and then they were left to wait for so long to see the congressman that they grew tired and bored … so what? Cops are human too.

    Generally speaking, if there is a dispute between a member of a local community and a member of the law enforcement community, I will side with the law enforcement community and will pretty much hold my comments until that particular officer accused of a crime is tried in a “competent” court of law (which might be an oxymoron in 2020), rather than being bashed and blamed and shamed and tried, convicted and hung in the court of public opinion.

    Overall, I love the men and women who put on a uniform to help make our streets, our homes, our children and ourselves safe and free, and regardless of the fact that our constitution has been perverted in so many different ways (the present power structure of the cops is not exactly constitutional), I will continue to side with the law enforcement community when controversy arises.


    1. I report the news. I don’t photo-shop or alter images.
      Rather than posting your unsubstantiated accusations on my site, go directly to the source and lodge your complaint with either the Mayor of Chicago or Congressman Rush’s office. Let them know you think the images were altered.

      Good luck to you.


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