We’re Not Losing Our Country

Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, released a video-message today to the Defense Department. He announced the establishment of the Defense Board on Diversity and Inclusion in the Military.

3 thoughts on “We’re Not Losing Our Country”

  1. This is William Pinkney Williams, Jr. you can call me Pynky. I am dying pretty fast with a mass outside my bronchial tube that I will soon have my back opened up to biopsy this thing. I also have coronary artery disease(CAD) and Lymphedema..but I have never felt better in my life. I wasted time in Vietnam and realized we didn’t lose the war? we gave it away. Some of us have come to realize that a darkness is coming not to just the USA but to the planet. We are seeing communism’s deadly head raising once again seeking the ‘new man’ and thereby to silence him once and for all time to come. I say now is the time that try men’s souls and there is only one question you have to answer for yourself..would you rather live on your knees or do you prize freedom more than your life..yes freedom to fail and succeed. We, each of us, will have to become the leader that our nation requires and is not in Washington DC.. But I am worried that all we are ever going to do is talk while we give our nation away. A darkness is coming the world has never seen .. thank you Nancy Morgan Hart..

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  2. This to me is brain think. What will they do to these minds to make them see no difference between them? Will they be chipped in some way? Very disturbing video of the diversity video. I see a blind military coming. Yes accept our differences but realize we are all unique the way God intended us. If Pynky reads this God bless you, I agree there are dark times. I think the Bible calls it the Tribulation. I am sad for your illness, and I want to tell you about cannibas oil. Search on YT for The Rick Simpson Story. It is a cure from the multitude of testimonials I have watched.


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