2 thoughts on “Cops Reach Breaking-Point”

  1. You are literally a megaphone to groups that mean to do harm: “Hey, Everyone! There will be no police to stop us on the 4th of July!!”

    Idiot move. Or wait…perhaps you are doing this for the greater purpose of a group that means to take over our beautiful country.

    I hope not. If you don’t mean harm, think before you post. Think it out long term, please.

    On Mon, Jun 22, 2020 at 1:04 PM Headlines with a Voice wrote:

    > headlineswithavoice posted: ” Flyers are circulating among New York City > police officers calling for a “strike” on July 4 in order to give people a > taste of what a world without police would be like. ” >


    1. You must be out of your fucking mind, to intimate the motivation behind my narration of national news is to alert the communists, thereby helping them to overthrow the U.S.
      I hate to break it to you, Einstein, you’re one of a handful of idiots that hasn’t heard of the upcoming strike in N.Y.
      The groups that mean to do harm are doing just fine without my “help”.
      Take your concern regarding the active, unhampered overthrow of the country’s rule of law to the one person that has the Constitutional authority to send in Federal law enforcement and arrest the scum-bags breaking federal laws as well as the bastards funding their operation — President Trump.

      Good luck with that.



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