One thought on “Swamp Makes Desperate Scramble”

  1. These communists are not gonna stop until WETHEPEOPLE,SOVEREIGN make them..we have a right to our freedoms that no one can give them away and no one can take them away. I don’t care who says what or what laws are passed .. our freedoms are inherent and irrevocable ..we are born with them .. they have been paid for several times over and now it may be our turn to, as my daddy was prone to say, “Son, if you dance you gotta pay the fiddler.” We boomers and the others have danced with the Cowboys, the Rockets, Budweiser, Jack Daniels, dollar bills, and any other feeling-silencer people could invent .. and the communists went to PTA, city council, town hall, party meetings..they moved up the ladders of our institutions and brought fellow travelers with them as they slowly gained the power ..we were to occupied to notice..for 70+ years they have silently, maliciously, and without shame or guilt as they corrupted our culture, divided our people, and put us into debt slavery as if we slept thru it.. and in many cases we did. They will not stop until we make them..gird your loins, lick your wounds and oil your guns..the time is near. The democommies are sharpening up their election stealing skills: become aware of vote harvesting , watch for precincts who call for extended times to count late’s all in our face and has been..this is a winner take all election for decades to come…

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