“We Will Burn-Down System and Replace It”

The leader of BLM’s New York chapter said activists will burn down the current system in the United States if they’re not given what they want.

“If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it. All right?” Hawk Newsome said.

One thought on ““We Will Burn-Down System and Replace It””

  1. I think I wrote this destroy and replace the system in my last comment..not saying anything, anybody with 2 grams of gray matter could see this coming.. this parasitical infection has taken a long time to burst open and spread the pus upon our nation. Hawk is a fool. Marx was a decrepit who could not feed his family. I was thinking it was Marxist Jews in Russia that invented communism, I presume just a difference in a few words.
    And for those folks praising the rank and file of the FBI while blaming it all on the 5th floor? are doing a little crawfishing, walking backwards for you Yankees. IMHO, in my premise..if I was a communist 50 year ago I would be thinking about which government agency to infect first. Which one posed the greatest threat to the overthrow of the United States? Would it be the USDA? the FAA? the Interior Department? Or I would be thinking which agency has the mission to expose the ‘red plague’ to the Congress and American people. What agency had the one mission to defend our nation from enemies both foreign and domestic…which one is that…why it’s the FBI. So on we march fellow travelers. Take at least 50 years to complete the infection unless you might have a cross dressing freak in charge who could be blackmailed to whatever might be your pleasure. Then the task would go much faster. There are no “good low grade FBIers” in the FBI anywhere .. I would suggest 100 percent communist.


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