3 thoughts on “Oh Look! A Free Training-Collar for Humans!”

  1. Sounds pretty much like some source has paid you to cross over into hell. You are so wrong on so many things you accuse President Trump of. I’ve UNSUBSCRIBED to channel. It has become the most ridiculous YouTube channel I have ever watched. Ciao, sell out.


  2. I can explain to anyone, even if I don’t speak their lingo, how to stop smoking at a cost of only $5 at the most.
    First, put your flip-flops on .. head out to the nearest wal-martin. In the office and school supplies look for a bag of rubber bands 1/4″ wide or wider. Buy two bags or one big bag. Head back to the house before you are seen at the petri dish better know as Walmartin.
    Pull the rubber band over your fingers onto your wrist area. When ever you feel like smoking a cigarette
    grasp and lift up the rubber band 6-7 inches above your wrist and release the rubber band .. if you still want a cigarette .. repeat the above step. Use as needed.
    Every woman, man, boy and girl on this planet understand one thing. Ask the Tibetans, the Cambodians, the Chinese, They will all say the same thing: the one thing they all understand is force.
    If we have the Pulse, think what the Chinese, the North Koreans, and the legions of domestic communists attempting to take over our country have and are ready to use against any freedom fighters. We are at war. Some police some military some politicians some demonrats some Republicans are standing on the sideline waiting. Some took a knee some took ballots some lied some cheated some ran some fought … what’s that old saying that repeating the same thing and expecting a different outcome is a good definition of insanity. We have had four “good” years, compared to what it might have been and need 16 more to root out the leaders of this attempted communist coup..is Donald J Trump the man. Maybe not THE man .. but he is a man which is many times more than the slop on the other side. Another old saying ..”stick with the one that brung ya”


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