4 thoughts on “The Pancake-Man Serves-Up Hopium”

  1. It was under AG Bill Barr that Randy Weaver’s family of Ruby Ridge, Idaho was massacered. Barr’s Justice Dept. planned the event, set Randy up, then FBI murdered his wife and teenage son. Barr personally protected the FBI agent who killed them.

    It was under AG Bill Barr that the Waco, Texas slaughter of the 7th Day Adbentist Branch Davidian community murdering women, children and men took place. Yes, AG Janet Reno carried out the slaughter, but BILL BARR PLANNED IT.

    Anyone who thinks he is going to do ANYTHING to protect We The People, see Nancy about purchasing that bridge at a bargain price.

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  2. I have changed my minds again.. back to the criminals… it’s either the criminals or the communists..at least the criminals will leave us alone when we are like Mexico.. no middle class.. real POOR and real RICH… the commies will remove private property and inheriting any type of assets.. the state owns you and everything else.. and they will bully the rest of the world.. mainly marxist jews will run the world if the communists steal the election and I don’t see any plans to stop them..I guess what I am trying to say is .. head for the hills. what we have now is govt in with business ..there is a word for that .. one other note is to look up and think about what a Bronx Jury is and what it does to the justice system especially in DC..THANK YOU


  3. Barr is not serving up Hopium, what Barr is doing is about what the riots are doing anyway, distracting everybody from the real problem that’s actually going on. BTW, this guy Barr will never ever arrest any top dogs that started this or anything else, because just like Nancy said they do not follow the money any longer, unless it’s some small nobody, that nobody really cares about or knows. I’ve been saying this for years now, Barr is a complete Statist and no top Statist or elites will ever go to jail under his watch.


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