2 thoughts on “President Trump Records Promo for Bill and Melinda Gates’ GAVI”

  1. Sadly this World is in the grip of Satanists. I’m not ready to throw Trump under the bus in favor of……… Biden?????
    We still retain Cause over our Individual Actions, if we must die, and we All must, then it’s far better to die in Liberty than degradation.g
    CYA, no one else will.

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    1. I concur but if Q, DJT, GOD are going to come save us they better hurry because the radiation levels are getting insane. NoATT dot blog is where I share my story of being injured by my cell phone. We moved me to the Ozark mountains and now they’re launching a record number of satellites. 420 more of them deployed on 4/22/2020 and it caused heart palpitations around the world according to Arthur Firstenberg. We’re in deep doo doo from technology alone so there won’t be many people left alive to vaccinate if they keep this up. BASTAGES! Yes to the satanists declaration!

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