4 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom Shuts-Down 19 California Counties for Fourth of July Weekend”

  1. Chimera hate human interaction….
    There was a prediction recently, that the election outcome will not be settled until after the first of the year.
    I predict that the cure for CV19 will be announced…the…very…next…mother…fucking…day.


  2. I hope the whole damn state of California visits his grape vineyard this 4th of July en masse, and picks every last bunch of pea sized green grapes they can find. And to top it – leave their idiotic masks hanging there instead.


  3. “EXPLOSIVE: About all these “New” Positive Coronavirus Cases, State Health Departments Manipulate Data, Change Definitions” > theConservativeTreehouse(.)com

    Death rates rapidly dropping, testing increasing, claim more asymptomatic false positives are SECOND WAVE, more lockdowns (brought to you by the compassionate CDC, FDA & NIH Gestapo)

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