7 thoughts on “Something Stinks”

  1. No kidding! We’re all so stupid we’ll believe it when they tell us she hanged herself with a bra from the heating vent. We’ll have fun figuring out if her ears are really her ears, and have debates on how high the vent was off the floor, until we get distracted with some other incident with the police, or BLM, or Antifa, or whatever – take your pick. How do we deal with this???


  2. France could only protect Ghislaine from deportation and not from the assassin’s reach. Perhaps such a reality and Berman’s promise of protection was enough to inspire her relocating. Perhaps any part of such a scenario was the reason behind removing Berman. Perhaps…Perhaps


  3. NMH IMHO the old Ghislaine is gone and the new Ghislaine2 will live out her life without being chased by any intel agencies of any country; she will not of course testify and all the slime go home to their families. To buy her silence she will be given new face, new identity and her freedom.. instead of 35 years in prison.

    As for the FBI.. If I were a communist and thinking about overthrowing the US of A.. My plan would be deceit, denial, and delusion.
    Where would I start : even back at the turn of the 20 century the USA government was a menagerie. Such a huge configuration of agency after agency embodied in the construct of US governmental operations. What agency would cause the most problems, create the tools and people to stop such an operation as overthrowing the US government. What one agency was missioned to find and if necessary destroy all enemies both foreign and domestic.. why of course it was the Federal Bureau of Investigation..the Good Ol’ FBI.

    So the race was on to infiltrate and eventually control the very protection the peeps thought was standing on the ramparts protecting them from the enemy. The method they used was slow but effective.
    I don’t know the precise name. It goes something like this: I work hard get multiple degrees in law/order, management, etc. I have plenty of resources to influence whom ever to better my position and eventually ride the carriage to the FBI. Quietly I stayed out of conflicts and water fountain talk to move-up in small increments that allowed me to interview and pick younger men and women. Of course they would be of the same ilk. After I picked and hired the first fellow traveler..the game was on ie now the two of us could hire two more.. then the four of us could hire four. Simple math and several decades later the only people hired were communists. Icing on the cake, so to speak, was the cross dressing freak that was head of the department, J. E. Hoover. He was given major “dirt” on politicians, donors, and royalty. He got what he wanted or else. I cant say he was a communist but IMHO he was their stooge.
    Today, IMHO the FBI is close to 90 to 95 percent communists. Ghiaslaine hasn’t got a chance without the Kings and Queens of England, the Rotchilds, the Rockefellers etc. giving the go ahead. No pictures is a giveaway.. they are planting her to destroy Trump or she is already crab food. If she is alive, the FBI now has the power to destroy worlds.. hang on to your hat and wallet.


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