5 thoughts on “Minnesota Gov. Walz has SOME Nerve!”

  1. In 1989, Erik and Lyle Menendez took turns blowing their parents away with a shotgun. When the jury returned guilty on charges of murder, the defendants plead for mercy, as they were now orphans.

    Walz and Frey should not get sympathy for their self inflicted wounds.

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  2. Sometimes I get the idea that you are leaning towards Biden for president by the way you have continued to trash President Trump more and more in each video. Just something I see from watching.


    1. There’s a difference between reporting the facts and trashing the President.
      As much as I hate to do it, because I believed Trump was the real deal, I’m committed to bringing my viewers the facts about the President’s inaction and refusal to make good on his campaign promises.
      I determined that the President was full of shit around the time he said the Clinton’s are “good people”.
      Pretty much weeks into taking office. Since then, I’ve repeatedly given him the benefit of the doubt.
      It’s time to face reality. The USMCA was a major deal-breaker. That, and the fact that he continues to fund Planned Parenthood and sanctuary cities. “Take the guns first … due process later” was another gem.
      I would hope watching my reports would help to wake you up to Trump’s abject failures.
      We are the ones destined to reap what he’s sown, long after he’s left office.
      Hard times are coming.
      I suggest you prepare.


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  3. marxist agenda .. these are the communists that slithered thru our nation .. the communists took advantage of our altruistic bs beliefs .. as ARand said ..Altruism will destroy a nation..as we trusted and believed that if we love them they will love us back,..kind of like now with our 70 IQ mongrels slithering across our southern border.. and the muslimes we succored and they still hate our guts.. fuk the kasbah.. we were too busy watching feetball and chasing the dollar ..how bout dem boyz..pass that dat bogart..like my ol’ daddy told me many times, “Son, when you dance, you gotta pay the fiddler.” FIRE FELLOW PATRIOTS, FOR GOD’S SAKE FIRE.


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