4 thoughts on “The Microchip Protection Act”

  1. “Honest Government” satire series by > theJuiceMedia > has some honest travel advertisements on Hawaii, Puerto Rico, West Papua, Timor Leste and more. They also have some honest history, this Down Under applies to US 2020 Independence (?) Day

    Australia Day, also known as Happy Amnesia Day


  2. RFID tags are presently used to identify pets, cattle and endangered species in the wild. The globalists (and they are spread across all political parties) see people as a mere resource (livestock) that, like any other herd, needs to be controlled by the second. Employees that fall for the “privacy” hoax and get tagged with RFID chips, will become de facto slaves (some day it will be mandatory for all of us), as any activity they perform (including visits to the toilet) will be time-stamped and used against them, in such an Orwellian way, the world has not yet seen – it will make call centers look like the freest places on Earth! Anyone that has worked or was involved in call centers, knows perfectly what I mean!


  3. Consenting adults have always enjoyed the right to contract so, why is this “right” needing codification? I CAN TELL YOU ONE THING, IT’S NOT ABOUT PRIVACY, because the US government and its partners in Fascism/Communism (Big-Pharma/Big-Agra, multinational corporations and the international central bank crime syndicate), have proven thousands of time that NONE of them can EVER be trusted, NEVER! This is just another step in what David Icke refers to as the “totalitarian tip-toe”, i.e., incremental desensitization of the population to more and more TYRANNY, PERIOD!

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  4. I’d bet the first place this shit will be mandatory w/o mentioning it’s ‘mandatory’ will be the population of federal inmates.
    State inmates will follow shorty thereafter.
    Once the ever concerned public sees how easy it has become to know by the click of the mouse where any and all parolees are, their activities, (was he just refused the purchase of a fire arm?) then it’ll be just a skip and a jump for the dept. of education to line the children up. Let us pray the Italians prosecute Gates before this gets legs.

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