LTC Alexander Vindman Calls it Quits

According to LTC Alexander Vindman’s attorney, Ambassador David Pressman, Vindman was mistreated by the White House after he testified in the impeachment inquiry last year. Pressman maintains the campaign against his client was spearheaded by President Trump.

2 thoughts on “LTC Alexander Vindman Calls it Quits”

  1. Never a bad video in MHO .. a FIGHTER you are, not I suspect by choice, but circumstance. As the minuteman, the rifleman, and the farmer found themselves in a similar circumstance while standing on the Concord Bridge. We do not ask when, where, or how much. We are ready: “To give our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.” Let our enemies understand that forgiveness is possible; but, our Victory over totalitarian dictatorship is a guarantee as like no other. We Americans, as free people connected to our Creator, are not accustomed to any central authority not chosen by the people they so represent. We Americans are generous and sociable people that love our freedoms and our Republic for which we will and do stand. Let no man or group mistake our friendship as weakness. We care for our old and young as the past and the future they represent. It is to their past and their future that we do so pledge these words.


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