3 thoughts on ““NO JUSTICE, NO FBI, NO NOTHING””

  1. The Senate has the sole power to try a sitting President.
    No Court, not even the supreme court has any constitutional authority to investigate, hear evidence against or to try a sitting president…
    And even the Senate may ONLY remove him if he is convicted.
    The Roberts court will live in infamy among all freedom loving People…
    Roberts is a disgrace and a bed sheet stain on the history of the longest lived republic in human history…a disgrace to all who gave their lives to perpetuate freedom from tyranny.
    It was roughly 2,000 years from the time that the lights went out in Rome to the time The Constitution was ratified…
    It may take longer this time…it may never happen again…ever.
    Liberty is the most precious thing in existence and we are witnessing the murder of liberty at this very moment.
    Interesting times.


  2. “Witnessing the murder of liberty” death of a thousand cuts I believe.. IMHO this didn’t happen overnight or even over the last several decades..to manipulate and hide the change of ideas with no one criticizing the event taking place before them or the people responsible, takes a long time, unlimited cash, and high intelligence of the people involved. I relinquish the further investigation to those more accomplished and competent than I.. the escarpment between the truth and the lies necessary to accomplish the demise of liberty must be of biblical proportions.. let the truth speak..before it is too late..we are coming close to the point of all truths being worth more than the silence bludgeoned upon us, at which time we shall be forever truly free to enjoy our liberties..WETHEPEOPLE,SOVEREIGN.


    1. It is said that one goes broke slowly and then suddenly.
      Not to disagree with you but Biden will be far more than just one more straw on the camels back.
      He has now come out against equity ownership of the means of production…this is outright communism.
      As to the effect that a Biden “presidency” (moron Quisling controlled by the deep state) will have on our rights to keep and bare arms, the crushing taxation he (they) have proposed…
      What’s the use of attempting to reason with people, imbecilic enough to not recognize the danger to our basic right of self determination that Biden represents?
      Marijuana destroys both the brain and the mind…DROP THE BONG!!!!!


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