President Trump’s Latest Executive Order

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Thursday that creates an advisory commission tasked with improving Hispanic Americans’ access to economic and educational opportunities, a push that comes as the president hopes to win a bigger share of the Latino vote than he did four years ago.

2 thoughts on “President Trump’s Latest Executive Order”

  1. Yes, President Trump IS the best president ever. Nancy, who is funding you now? If I had to guess I would say you are a Biden supporter by the way you have been trashing the president this year. You’ve changed and it’s evident to everyone. Sorry, just speaking my opinion. Something is fishy with you and it stinks!


    1. No one funds me. I have common sense and critical thinking skills.
      The only thing fishy around here, is that you still don’t get that we’ve been taken for a ride.
      I don’t support Biden, because he’s a moron and a pervert.
      I no longer support Trump because he refuses to make good on his campaign promises.
      No one is forcing you to listen to my reports.



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