Supreme Court Rules Against George Soros

The Supreme Court has upheld the right of the United States government to distribute aid to foreign organizations in accordance with American interests. The June 29 decision in Agency for International Development v. Alliance for Open Society International represents a significant win for the protection of American freedoms.

USAID Exposed

One thought on “Supreme Court Rules Against George Soros”

  1. Whether DJT is the ultimate Manchurian Candidate is still an open question, however it is undeniable that some loyal American assistants have been illegally targeted by a weaponized CIA, DOJ & FBI gangster network. Such is General Michael Flynn, former NSA director. As > theConservativeTreehouse(.)com > reports in “Flynn Motion to Dismiss #2” there is more exculpatory evidence, and in the comments there is this on the DC kangaroo court Motive

    “Judge Emmett Sullivan, Corrupt? Monster?” at > GirlOnFire(.)com


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