8 thoughts on “Sold Out Again”

      1. Sometimes I wonder if Trump really knows what is going on in his own administration or is he just another con artist? Deception is a key element of the Biblical latter days. Satan has a lot of followers these days and they don’t even know it. Keep speaking the truth.


  1. It appears your voice is shouting into a deep empty cave, I hope not. If the demonrats win or Trump comes after our guns we will know what to do. For most it will be to go to Walmart and buy some Made in China knee pads..for their children and their children. For the rest of us, we will be obliged to stop the takeover of our great nation by the criminals and/or the communists and failure to save our freedoms and rights as human beings is not an option. WETHEPEOPLE,SOVEREIGN. SOVEREIGN is a word used only in relation to the people and it means “ultimate power.”


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