Horrific Consequences About to Hit Home

With the economic shut-down continuing to sink its claws into the United States, economic conditions have also failed to improve for millions of people. As a result, nearly one-third of U.S. households – representing 32 percent – have not made their full housing payments for the month of July, according to a survey from online rental platform Apartment List.

2 thoughts on “Horrific Consequences About to Hit Home”

  1. Wait….whats going on? Show quoted text Just getting home.


    Daniel Hall


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  2. Breadlines here we come.. Brother, can you spare a dime? Anything going forward, that started a while back, from now on is related to the elections and IMHO should be filtered thru those lens. These demonrat communists, friends to the Chinese, and who sold out America, will not stop until we make them. The time is nigh. We will either live as free women and men or we will live on our knees obedient to the masters.. ask yourself who or what people can we not criticize..these are our masters and soon to rule the world .. that is unless we stop them ..the time is nigh.


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