One thought on “Ghislaine Maxwell on the “Move””

  1. Let’s all watch nothing happen.

    Is the “Metropolitan Detention Center” the exact same building/prison where Jeffrey Epstein met his “death?” — Special Housing Unit on the 9th floor of New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center,

    Are the guards going to do anything different as far as tight in-person 24 hour round the clock surveillance of Maxwell. There was failure before and yet they now just attribute problems to the nature of the prison inmate “subculture.”

    Also to note is that Attorney General William Barr is the topmost administrator of the Federal Bureau of Prisons and he failed in that duty in watching over prime defendant Jeffrey Epstein and so far there is every indication that he will fail again in guarding Maxwell.

    By the way, the acting U.S. attorney , Audrey Strauss, for the southern district of New York, taking Geofrey’s Berman’s place, said twice in a televised exposition and explanation of the charges against Maxwell. She said two times in that presentation that Ghislaine Maxwell PARTICIPATED in the sexual abuse of the minors who were victims and yet that charge of doing the action sexual abuse is missing from the official charges. That is a big red flag right there. They did not charge her for the actual sexual abuse of a minor.


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