2 thoughts on “Ghislaine Maxwell Waives Her Right to be Physically Present”

  1. What does “Waives Her Right to be Physically Present” mean specifically. Be physically present to what? That photograph of her in the brown suit or waived her right to be physically present at a future trial. What legal effect or benefit does her “waiving” actually give her right now and what was the legal response by the court as to her “waiving” action by her attorneys for her?

    When I learned from The Duran youtube channel show that the DOJ/FBI KNEW all along that she was in the USA all the months before her official arrest but chose not to arrest her, I knew we were to be treated to another giant fake movie like the movie we all watched about 9-11-01. Will somebody explain to me why that knowledge and failure to act is not treason?

    P S
    The first syllable of her French first name , Ghis , is pronounced


    as in gutter or gullible.


  2. Yea, good point. Very odd, and I’d love to watch this on TV. I mean wouldn’t it be awesome when she has to explain about the Rothschild’s and their affiliation. Who did the lady sleep with? Is she a lesbian? Does she enjoy pink/white rabbit?

    Where is Jerry Springer when you need him.


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