3 thoughts on “Trade Adviser, Peter Navarro Trashes Fauci in Op-Ed”

  1. COVID is obviously far less lethal than it is purported to be and the number of cases are FAR fewer in actuality than the (cooked) books indicate.
    The real truth is that this scam is intended to destroy the new gig economy of which the biggest player DIRECTLY effects Trump’s bottom line. Air bnb has more available rooms than all hotels in the world.
    Think about it. This is the same reason why laws making data encryption have been proposed. A room-for-rent or a ride-share app that exists on an anonymous, encrypted, distributed platform is untaxable because not only can it never be proven that any money changed hands – it can never even be proven that anyone got a ride or an overnight stay.
    As to why Trump would risk losing reelection…
    Would you rather talk to Acosta every other day? Or would you rather spend your time with your fabulously beautiful and highly intelligent wife and children.
    Everything Trump does make perfect sense…other than running for President in the first place which is an act of service and sacrifice for the sake of attempting to protect the liberty and self-determination of the American People.


  2. “Fauci Knew About HCQ in 2005 ~ Nobody Needed to Die” by Bryan Fischer at JamesFetzer(.)org

    PlandemicMovie(.)com > interview with Dr Judy Mikovits, PhD Virology with thirty years of Fauci and his crimes against humanity evidence


  3. I am no expert but shaking hands with the chins and going along with the =WHO put fauchi in my mental crosshairs… i am still no expert ..just a gut feeling .. fauci foolus fukus .. let it be written. he should be flayed or maybe drawn and quartered.. Trump continues to stumble .. did ((())) give him the “turn his family into dirt” talk or is he EpsteinsWeinsteinsLyinsteins you know the steins lap boy .. or call his loans or what … he wouldn’t be a businessman in Texas, we demand the truth.


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