3 thoughts on “Where Does It Stop?”

  1. “Novavax Maker of a Covid-19 Vaccine is Backed by Operation Warp Speed”
    at > StatNews(.)com > 2020/07/07

    Trump clan gave Novavax $1.6 billion to produce 100 million doses of snake oil by 2021. Their secret formula > “recombinant nanoparticles grown in insect cells”

    Trust the Plan > MAGA 2020 > WWG1WGA > more WuFlu voodoo WINNING !


  2. I appreciate that their is a place on this planet that calls on me to wake up again and again to my own comfortable complacency. I would say that Trump’s weakness is exactly that he puts up with the Bullshit way too long. I’ll say again what I told my Iranian classmate in my German Immigration Course when he acted me why I voted for Trump. I told him as we stood at the base of the Heilliggeistkirche (Church of the Holy Spirit) in Heidelberg one evening “I voted for Trump because I wanted to send a bowling ball straight down the lane headed into Washington DC.”

    I can see it know that what I wanted was a leader that would have moments mirroring to many as a dictator. Someone that would go into the church and turn over the tables of those selling our country’s soul to the beast.

    Instead Miss Hart we got a new version of I’ll do little to get you off my back and more of wait and see. It’s clear Trump has pretended to do what I asked which has a value in getting the right person next time to actually do the task!

    I want a President that says we are building a wall and in three months the race begins as we did with the continental railroad.
    I want a President that told Jeffery Sessions immediately when he recused himself “no problem & becareful don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!”

    I want the President to work for me rather than protecting himself from the next piece of Schiff coming down the sewer line.

    I want clear and decisive actions that drain the swamp right now! I don’t want to give them time to think,… I want them gone!

    I mean right now!

    I mean it was fun to let ol’ man Mueller play with the hearts and minds of our Founding Fathers’ children for 3 for three years but really ain’t we passed these games? And really who looks bad when the that slimy dried out lizard gets up and shows us he wasn’t in charge of anything… whi


  3. My ol’ daddy told me many times, “Son, it takes a man to admit he made a mistake” and I further extend that to say it takes a woman to do the same. I didn’t pay attention until I was in Vietnam and saw most so-called men, especially the Generals, never have the ‘courage’ to come forward. It was always someone else’s snafu.
    After I graduated college and bought a worn out business did I see the same behavior of so-called men. Tail between their legs and walking backwards these weak men shirked their responsibility to someone else. Luckily my ol’ daddy was a Petroleum Engineer of the TexasA&M creed. The oil field demanded men that could make a decision standing on your feet, without forming a committee. They knew you would make mistakes and expected a steep learning curve. What they didn’t want was someone thinking it over while the well blew up. I see in Pres Trump two things that would not work in the oil field. First, his ability to delegate is somewhere near non-existent(how he ever got one floor off the ground is somewhere near a miracle of Biblical proportions). Second, he walks backwards when he should release the hounds. We are not playing politics anymore..we are at war for our survival as a nation and as a Republic for which we must stand and stand..NOW. .. and folks, it appears, I am pressed to say, that this battle is on us alone.. WETHEPEOPLE, SOVEREIGN. Sovereign is a word meant reserved for the PEOPLE and it means ULTIMATE POWER. which means we outnumber them. Gird your loins, lick your wounds, and oil your guns. Beto is around the corner.


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