President Trump’s Insane Presser

President Trump took to the White House briefing room on Tuesday to praise his administration’s response to the perceived outbreak that has claimed more than 140,000 American lives.

4 thoughts on “President Trump’s Insane Presser”

  1. I’ve not been watching you YouTube channel long so please forgive my ignorance in this question.
    I agree with much of what you say, but I do also have to ask, who do we vote for? I’m certainly not going to vote for Biden so that really only leaves me with Trump.

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  2. I don’t know how to react to your comments since before coronavirus. Same voice, just not the same personality I’ve quoted in the past. I haven’t been SUBSCRIBED for over a month now and I’m wondering, is it really you NMH? Do you think all powers less than God may be in The Best President EVER’S head? Sadly he has no allies in your voice. Sadly you are siding with the swamp and the swamp is much larger than anyone fighting the swamp knew. Well, besides “The Donald.” He used to hob-nob with all that would be destroyed when the swamp would be drained.
    Do you know he is a Free Mason? Do you know Hillary is too? Do you know that being a Free Mason means protection from others who would cause harm to be in the same organization?
    Unlike you, I will support the only man that went against those that only want what’s good for them. The New World Order is real and now you are stepping in it too. I couldn’t fight 4 years of hate and I don’t believe anyone else living could do the same. I used to share your insight, now I dread your left-leaning voice.
    So do you believe the Trump family Jew stole this $$$ or was it there for the taking and he was just the fastest? Really, I don’t care what you think or say anymore…

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  3. “Yale Epidemiologist, Hydrochloroquine Could Save 100,000 Lives if Widely Deployed” at ZeroHedge(.)com > Dr Harvey Risch says use safe, proven cure.

    We don’t need no fascist lockdowns, we don’t need no medieval social distancing, we don’t need no UNISEX BURKAS, we don’t need no Gestapo contact tracing, we don’t need no mandatory voodoo vaccination….

    CDC, all you are is just another medical mafia brick in the wall….

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  4. Part 1. Months ago I personally decided that I was not going to concern myself “at all” with the insights or opinions of the President, the WHO or the Corona Medical Strike Force except for entertainment value and as lab rats in my own personal observation experiment. Once The Fauci decided no mask were need, I was done listening. Once the WHO didn’t go immediately into the Wuhan lab and evaluate all the records, I was done! And I personally never considered the President a person I would give my trust in protecting my family from a virus too. I personally know science on this level is not something you can learn in a briefing room. It requires giving your life to understanding the complexity of genetics. So I don’t even fault the President for acting stupid through this… it would be like me giving a shotgun to a two year old and being upset that someone got hurt. The President is a President not a doctor. And Fauci is a greedy politician dressed up as a scientist that has a long time ago decided he was God. And the WHO is a 21th century idea being run by the intellect of a 3rd world country. These were my impressions as early as the beginning of February and I was right.

    Part 2. Damn! Shit is going to hit the fan!

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