The Morphing Virus Narrative

First, the media downplayed the risk from China. We had Fauci downplaying it, the WHO downplaying it. We had Nancy Pelosi ‘easing outbreak fears’ by eating in Chinatown. Don’t close the borders, keep them open or you’re xenophobic.

6 thoughts on “The Morphing Virus Narrative”

  1. Hope this reaches you. Anthony Patch (youtube etc.) has been reporting on this for over 6 years now, and he uses all provable data. I do believe that even Dana Ashlie (also on youtube) has as well.


    1. This is to ” In Defense of the President”. First of all Thank You Nancy Morgan Hart for speaking out loud the questions I’ve had like “Fake News” since 2012 and why hasn’t that been fixed . I want to contribute to Pres Trump however he wants to poke me with a contaminated swab and stick me with a needle of poison ??? All of a sudden I don’t recognize the country I was born into and raised ???

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