4 thoughts on “Fauci Has Spoken”

  1. “Right To Try Voodoo” at > principia-scientific(.)org

    Unpatriotic Patriot Act and Unaffordable Affordable Care Act were supplemented with the Right To Try Act, where humans had the “right” to be cost free, guinea pigs for the medical mafia and their CDC, FDA henchman.

    Have you invested your ninety day trial of TYRANNY wisely, and re-educated yourself from a lifetime of LIES ?


  2. Unreall!!! Now back to President Trump’s recent statement that he will use the Military, AND WITH FORCE, he added, when the vaccine comes out. Let’s just HOPE AND PRAY that BIRX, FAUCI, and all the rest of these vaccine GHOULS will be first in line, with that full force of the Military’s might to inject them all!! And IN PUBLIC!!!

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