3 thoughts on “FDA Grants Big Pharma 100% Immunity”

  1. Wiki/Bayh-Dole Act, Dec 1980 ~ 35USC/200-212

    This act transferred ownership of TAXPAYER funded research on product patents from the treasury to the bureaucrats in charge of the research. QUACKS at the CDC, FDA, NIH get 10% royalties on products we pat to produce. The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986 eliminates all liability for vaccine sides effects.

    (H/T) Dr Judy Mikovits, PhD > PlagueTheBook(.)com

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  2. Again IMHO : In the United States of America we have choices: we can chose which of the 5 or 6 Communist Propaganda Machines we can support and be indoctrinated by and eventually be a victim of the self-inflicted genocide we paid for. We have the choice of which of the two political parties we donate to and vote for. In the coming 2020 election we are free to chose between the Criminals or the Communists. Ya gotta luv dem choises. The video by NMH on pharma getting a permanent bj from American taxpayers and the comment above by fauxscienceslayer..tells me one thing…WELCOME TO TYRANNY.


  3. Big Pharma has ZERO incentive to “do a fantastic job” ( < Trump's phraseology..) , soooooo , what part of Make America Great Again does this deal fall under ?


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