2 thoughts on “One ID to Tag and Track the Herd”

  1. It will not be adopted…period.
    Anonymity is the required attribute of cash…without it all politicians and the parasitical elite plutocrats they represent…die.
    Hilarious that you count clergy and especially doctors as friends…of anyone…NEVER do business with either of them, neither accept a check from either of them.
    Enjoy the time you are allotted by the fates, take care of your health, mental, physical, emotional and don’t burden anyone in the end.


  2. The Abomination of Desolation is the profaning of God’s Temple, His “Holy Place”. Because God made a New Covenenent with man, as his prophet Jeremiah told us He would in chapter 31 of his book, God’s Temple is within man, our bodies. Jesus confirms this truth. God will NOT dwell in some building in Jerusalem, that lie is a Satanic distraction, as is the “Rapture”, the “beam me up Jesus”, feel good lie Satanic Hollywood now promotes.
    Revelations 13 tells us “they” would make an image unto the beast and breathe life into the image. Then the image would “…cause all…to take a mark in their right hand or in their forehead…and none could buy or sell save he who had the mark.” This tells us that the “Abomination that causes Desolation” and the “Mark of the Beast” are the same thing. The “image of the Beast” will be an Artificial Intelligence that will oversee the digital monetary system. We will be told it has been programmed with the sum total of human knowledge and experience and is programmed to make the world into a Utopia, where all people will have one share in Corporation Humanity. People WILL worship this “Beast”.
    Jesus warned us that when we see the Abomination that causes Desolation, STANDING IN THE HOLY PLACE, (let the reader understand), then let those who are in Judea (the city) flee to the mountains.
    The “Rapture” or Special Dispensation lie is promoted to make Christians take this “Mark of the Beast”. Pat Robertson will say, “It’s not the Mark of the Beast.” Joyce Meyers will say, “The Mark of the Beast won’t happen until AFTER the Rapture.” Pope Francis will say, “Those people saying ‘Mark of the Beast’ are mentally ill. We need to pray for them.” And then the media will tell you how they must put them in a FEMA camp so they can’t contaminate the public. 3-1/2 years later the guillotines will crank up in those camps.
    Be like the wise virgins and gather “oil for your lamps” people. The time to flee into the wilderness is coming soon.


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