Trump’s Troubling Whirlpool Speech

On August 6, 2020, President Trump gave a speech at the Whirlpool Corporation Manufacturing Plant in Clyde, Ohio.

Americans should be deeply troubled by some of the President’s statements.

Remarks on ventilators begin at 21:45 in the video.

Full Transcript

Business Insider

Hospitals are paid more for intubated virus patients

American Hospital Association: Special Bulletin

8 thoughts on “Trump’s Troubling Whirlpool Speech”

  1. I no longer Support Trump. He alone is responsible for the shutdown of the US economy by using Fauci and Birx to make the numerous false medical claims about the CV-19 virus that they did. The whole shutdown was completely unnecessary and Trump in fact destroyed the US economy by doing what he did.
    He’s also lied about the US economy doing great when as early as late 2018 and even More So in early 2019 many respected & accurate market analysts and investment advisors were saying the market was headed for a massive Crash and in an irrevocable ‘death spiral’. These analysts are all on YouTube: Silver Report Uncut, The Money GPS, Gregory Mannarino, Bill Holter, George Gammon, and many others. Hence, Trump was lying all along and the jobs created were mostly low paying minimum wage, or Service economy jobs.
    And now he’s lying about ventilator manufacturing when, as you said, are more harmful than helpful.
    I won’t be voting for Trump or anyone else on Nov 3rd, 2020. Trump has lied about so many things it’s pathetic. 50 million plus are unemployed and now these analysts above are saying the massive Crash is imminent, on any day now. The US will never recover from this and the middle class has been wiped out, but all of Trump’s 1%er friends on Wall Street & major corporations got filthy rich from the cosmic bailout/stimulus money from the Federal Reserve. The banks can now invoke their “Bail-In” rights and confiscate all of despositors monies


    1. Nancy Morgan Hart , no one is talking about this except every now and then a comment about the “Children from the underground rescues” pops up . l don’t know how much importance you place on these past rumors ? Anyway a comment made the other day was the biggest need for the ventilators were from these rescues and the children who needed them .


    2. Wow, talk about a negative attitude. We ARE the United States of America and of course we WILL recover and do just fine. We have been through the Great Depression and two World Wars and we recovered and you talk like we are ruined forever! Good Grief, get ahold of yourself! Say what you want and don’t vote, that’s on you but voting for President Trump for reelection keeps the Democrats from winning and destroying anything that was put in place that was working. The tax cut helped MANY people, deregulation helped MANY, building the Wall in highly crossed areas helped OUR country, he’s lowered the cost of prescriptions that will benefit MANY senior citizens. You really think the president wanted to shut the country down? He was advised to and he believed them. He has big plans to help DACA and a big healthcare plan coming next. I think he’s done a great job, considering he had to be put through the Russia investigation and the Ukraine investigation, which were both done to keep Americans distracted from Hillary’s blatant criminality of her email system, Bengazi and of Joe Biden and son reaping millions from Ukraine and China! I WILL vote for Donald J. Trump to be reelected. He’s been the most proactive president that kept his campaign promises the best he could and he loves this country and the people! “Sitting this election out” and not voting could mean us being ruled by Democrats and that’s something you should worry about. You can look and see how they have handled their states with the pandemic and these protests to get an idea of what the country would get. Also, raising taxes, like Biden said he would do, is a stupid idea while we recover from this pandemic. But, anyway, I’m a half glass full type of gal who believes we are going to win with President Trump and get the House and keep the Senate too! So, sit this one out and let those who truly care what happens to this country take the reins and save this country from socialism! Biden would be walked all over if he got in office. We will NOT let that happen!


  2. It’s true, Trump is a “one-trick-pony”. He does great as long as he is doing that “one-trick”. But after that he doesn’t realize, just because the Billy goat walked the tightrope it doesn’t mean that the Llama can too.

    I would even go as far as to say that he has a learning disability in some areas of understanding. I mean I’m brilliant at playing the piano but don’t ask me to code my database.

    Trump knows how to build big buildings, buildings that need welders and cranes to soar to the sky. He is a baboon when he speaks of religion, medical advice, and now medical devices. Did we think ventilators would work, sure,… so he built them. He builds things. Then he brags about what he builds,… this is he’s “trick”. And he’s really good at it. The issue is that we learned overtime that blood clotting from an over active immune response was the real issue. What I just said, I imagine would sound to Trump like ntp.SettingsPrivate&&”function”==typof does to me. By then the ventilators were built. And the bragging is soon to follow.

    We are misguided when we think Trump should be masterful at everything even if he has doctors explaining things to him in perfect English. We are also misguided to think that hospitals and drug companies wouldn’t kill people to make money under the guise of “well we didn’t know.”
    He’s a human, we all are.
    This is why I listen to this channel, it reminds me everyday with poetic excellence that human beings are as dumb as rocks and as brilliant as the stars and I should never let down my vigilance, ever!


  3. In the beginning of the pandemic, each governor and hospital were begging for more ventilators. Literally, begging. The MSM was giving h*** about President Trump not having enough ventilators in the stockpile specifically for pandemics and mass emergencies! So, companies stepped up to do their American duty to help by revamping their equipment to make theses ventilators. What do you expect the president to say when he’s at the company to recognize them for outstanding work done they volunteered to do? He’s, of course, going to brag at their innovative spirit and desire to help the people of the country and that’s all that was about with President Trump honoring them the best he knew how to do to let the company employees know how much they were appreciated and make them feel proud! That’s it in a nutshell. Nothing nefarious is underway!


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