2 thoughts on “Everywhere I Turn”

  1. What did that French guy say: Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. These people sacrifice our children on the Altar of Greed at the Synagogue of Satan..your father is the devil..that’s in the Bible somewhere. I am beginning to believe the “one-party from two” scenario. From this standpoint, there is only one more question that matters: NMH, tell us, what can we do? The sheeple have ‘spoken’! How bout dem boyz! Don’t bogart that joint mate. The ‘sugar-stick’ has prevailed and ((())) have won. Smart people these communists … Frankfurt school and all. At some point, in a land far away, many years from now, a small ember will unite and raise the Phoenix from the ashes we are about to see. All hail to the Gods of War.


  2. There certainly will come a day when the Adversary will be destroyed. He knows his time is short so he wrecks havoc upon the world. It will get worse as his days grow ever shorter. Put your faith in the One who has given you salvation. We put too much trust in men, and that leads to destruction.


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