Facing Eviction? Unemployed? Struggling to Make Ends Meet?

28 million people in the U.S. face eviction and homelessness in the immediate future. Over 50 million Americans lost their jobs, many permanently because the businesses that employed them have been bankrupted, a result of President Trump issuing guidelines to the governors of each state to shut-down the U.S. economy.

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6 thoughts on “Facing Eviction? Unemployed? Struggling to Make Ends Meet?”

  1. With HCQ, there is a safe, 100% preventative and 99.9% cure. With HCQ there would be NO deaths, NO fascist lockdowns, NO medieval social distancing, NO gagging face masks, NO Gestapo contact tracing, NO mandatory voodoo vaccinations, NO NEW NORMAL, and NO need for finger wagging Princess Kushy playing Marie Antoinette.

    “How a False Hydrochloroquine Narrative was Created” by
    Dr Meryl Nass, MD > AnthraxVaccine.blogspot(.)com


  2. Nancy Morgan Hart thank you for reminding us of what we heard from our President in his exact words . I believe our only temporary safety is the coming elections . Obviously Joe Biden is not a healthy candidate mentally nor ethically . Prayer and spiritual efforts to find the solution that seems to evade most of us right now in my opinion is our best hope and yet in my thirty-one years of practise as a Buddhist I have been continually rewarded with the middle path that I’ve some how been unable to see prior . Also you forgot to mention no income tax and college loans relief as well as extended unemployment benefits till the end of the year . Anyway lets make this year the BEST in spite of all our challenges as a nation and individually !

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    1. Contact tracers yuck , for what appears to be a biologically and socially engineered virus with what seems to be our worst outcome as a society projected in terms of population losses I am truly sorry that I did not become more active as a community leader long ago .

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    1. Here’s a true fun fact, her husband, Jared Kushner, petitioned the Civil Courts, through Kushner’s attorneys, for a civil court order called a “body attachment” to renters that were behind on their rent in Kushner’s buildings. A body attachment is present day debtors prison jail sentence. You owe money to Mr. Kushner? Off to jail you go !


  3. Ok… this is what Biden was promoting on his campaign, I believe. You know the free $50,000 student waiver to get a “trade” under your belt. Where here it is. To get kids on this program and they will plateau out and seek higher education. Also, if you go to that website these are all middle of the road trades and can quickly be knocked out from under neath you. Also, you can see the military training in these schools.


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