Live Air-to-Air S-530 Found Inside Cargo Container at Florida Airport

A contractor working at a Florida airport opened up a cargo container and found a live missile. The missile was discovered Friday afternoon at Lakeland Linder International Airport east of Tampa.

2 thoughts on “Live Air-to-Air S-530 Found Inside Cargo Container at Florida Airport”

  1. I know from personal experience that there are some people in the military that’d make McNamara drool, so I have reason to suspect that it was a logistical error. The use of contractors also doesn’t surprise me since contractors of all types work hand in hand with the government and military for a variety of things. As for the fleet of old aircraft, if you’ve a few million sitting around you could get one yourself.
    While I don’t think there was anything nefarious behind it there always could be. I’m reminded that video you did on the cargo containers strategically placed around the US with surface to air missile in them.


  2. Ross Perot made all his money from government contracts.. made a few shekels myself. It’s like the time they found a Hound Dog missile in an airport? It had lost the trail we were informed.. and your video on the containers at Chin owned/leased ports around the USA.. the Chins are big believers in unrestricted warfare.. ie anything that can demean, disrespect, disable or destroy the enemy is always on the table..we will have to face them in the finale battle at Arugettinany..


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