Another Betrayal from Mr. 4-D Chess

The National Association of Software and Service Companies, a trade body of Indian firms, recently sent a concerned letter to President Donald Trump. Amid record unemployment across the country, they demanded that the flow of visa workers upon which NASSCOM depends for low-paid labor remain undisturbed. In particular, the group asked the president to stay his hand from touching H-1B and L-1 visas.

2 thoughts on “Another Betrayal from Mr. 4-D Chess”

  1. Dear Nancy,

    Agreed, about many of Trump’s smarmy appointments…And what about Alexander Acosta, the Federal Judge who was brought in to give Jeffrey Epstein his first (extremely lenient) sentence. Acosta went on to be appointed to head the, seemingly less important, Department of Labor. Trump delusionals rationalized “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”. What? In a difficult economy, where is the reward to competent, ethical people to be appointed to positions of power? The big surprise was finding out that Department of Labor is in charge of budgeting HUMAN TRAFFICKING INVESTIGATIONS! Acosta went before Congress and had the nerve to request an 80% REDUCTION in the budget to investigate human trafficking. It took Democrat (I’m a Ron Paul Republican) Representative Katherine Clark to counter this request:

    Respectfully yours,

    Mary Smith


  2. The job market is tight. Eliminate 2/3rds of the H-1B visas to enable U.S. citizens to get a job. The Indian recruiters are engaged in sex trafficking. Other Indians are involved in extortion. These people bunch up and push the U.S. citizens out of their jobs. I had 2 different experiences where the males will use extreme verbal abuse and threaten bodily harm. They are hateful.


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