Although only a fool believes the American people weren’t subjected to domestic propaganda before 2012, it’s important to understand it was legalized eight years ago.

In 2012, President Obama modernized the 1948 Smith-Mundt Act. It was passed into law as part of the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act, lifting the ban on the dissemination of propaganda domestically. You’re being psychologically manipulated by the CIA-controlled media 24-7.

3 thoughts on “PROVE YOU’RE NOT A DIRT-BAG”

  1. Executive Order #13,887 > Modernization of Influenza Vaccinations for National Security, how did PDJT know on Sept 19, 2019 that the medical mafia had a product that needed presidential protection ?

    HHS Czar Alex Azar awarded over $6 billion to three monopolies for 300 million doses of voodoo vaccines and the EpiPen delivery system by Jan 2021.

    Dolores Cahill and “Time for Change Protest” in Dublin, 8/22 (on BitChute if disabled)


  2. recently i watched a you tube video with the comments turned off. it is rude of you people.
    why should i listen to you people if you won’t listen to me.


    1. Get back to me after you work your ass off every day for nearly three years, record & upload over 3 thousand videos to your YT channel, making shit for money because you refuse to promote the Q crap. If I enable comments, my channel will be bombarded with trolls bent on shutting me down. And they’ll be successful. It happened once over a year ago. They suspended my channel for nothing. I now pay 500 dollars a month to have my entire library hosted elsewhere. So, if you think you can manage to gain over 111,000 subs in three years and three months running a conservative news channel on YouTube AND stay under YouTubes’s radar while still keeping comments open, put your money where your mouth is. Otherwise, shut the fuck up.
      That “rude” enough for ya?


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