3 thoughts on “‘Trump will be Stacking Sandbags Around White House’”

  1. I don’t like fear porn. Most folks with two brain cells can see what is going on. What we need from people like NMH is guidance and direction.. we got enough fear mongers..clintons are accusing others of what they are quilty of.. Communism 101..very simple .. how so many cannot see thru this was the plan all along..dumb us down to a sheep dog’s level..(((they))) got us where they want us so add some grease(the clintons) and turn up the heat..they won’t stop til we make them.. tell us how to stop voter fraud ie stealing the election.. tell us what to look for .. spell it out so a 9 year old can understand it..trying to read Trump’s mind is a lose lose game..thanks for your videos..the best of the best.. Now here is my vision for the day:
    WAR IS HERE! Gird your loins, lick your wounds, and oil your guns;
    bullets will fly, before this election’s done.
    War is just a day away;
    put your memories far away, save them for another day;
    Fight to live,
    they told lies and we died;
    remember who said what, and pick a side.
    Green lives matter,
    give them shelter;
    put the land and Republic together.
    Stand your flag,
    kneel for your creator;
    put your memories far away,
    War is just a day away. Gimme Shelter..RS


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