The Mother-Lode: WTAF?!

So there I am in my office, a few moments ago. Minding my own business. It’s 106 degrees in the shade. The AC is full-blast, because the dog demands it.

UPDATE: September 7, 2020: Shortly after this report was posted the WITS changed their entry, from COVID-19 Test-Kits to “Medical Test-Kits”. Here are snap-shots of several WITS’ archived pages, archived.

Below, are screen-shots.

World Integrated Trade Solution

Montagraph’s YouTube Channel

10 thoughts on “The Mother-Lode: WTAF?!”

  1. This is a time when we could use some comments in order to have a discussion on this incredible find. Also, I couldn’t find the production notes in the YT video. Thank you.


  2. No apologies Nancy. At least We are STANDING. In many ways, a lot better than rolling off the Ball that is bouncing into heavily trafficked dire straits/streets… I have been standing, Awoke since the age of five… front row seat to JFK on our Zenith Black/White TV 1963.

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  3. It went away right after your video went live. I caught it right away and went straight to Wayback. It was still there, but interestingly the data I retrieved had the 2017 dates on it, which was correct for your original video. It’s about as clear as mud, but I updated all of my shared posts to keep the providance intact. Bat Rastards…..


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